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Garden Filled with Birds and Fragrance

It’s mid-June and my garden is filled with birdsong and fragrance. The deck acts like a promontory providing a bird’s eye view of the curving ...
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Seedlings with Chubby Cotyledons Fill Me with Joy

New seedlings with chubby cotyledons fill me with joy ! I sowed Parsley, several kinds of Kale, and Rainbow Chard under grow-lights in my Light ...
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10 Key Mosquito Repelling Herbs, Plants and Flowers

There are several key mosquito repelling herbs, plants and flowers that are easy-to-grow, natural garden plants that help to keep outdoor rooms, decks and patios ...
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8 Top Tips to Attract Pollinators

Pollinators are a gardener’s best friend. The strategies that work best: 1) Stop using pesticides. Pesticides will kill both the bad bugs AND your pollinators! ...
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