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@GardenGeri is a nationally known garden writer, plantswoman, content strategist, subject matter expert and educator.

Name Recognition for Commercial Landscape Company


Market Position: Crabapple is Georgia’s 5th largest landscape maintenance company, with customers in multifamily, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors.

Assignment: Crabapple’s overall goal is sales growth and customer retention. GardenGeri was initially charged with developing strategies for new social media channels and providing accurate content to increase recognition. GardenGeri instituted a social media strategy incorporating Twitter, Facebook, e-newsletters, informational videos, and live customer premises presentations.

Results: Referrals from existing customer base to new prospects grew by more than 20% annually.

@GardenGeri wrote four years’ worth of weekly high quality blog content that attracted wide readership from within Corona’s existing client base and from outside. 

Social media needs informative content; it succeeds even more with humor. GardenGeri’s metrics for Crabapple’s site traffic indicated that many visitors showed up to browse briefly on weekends. This provided the impetus for Garden Geri’s “Silly Saturday” web posts for Crabapple, now among their most popular.

GardenGeri created 10 short videos on subjects to engage commercial landscape maintenance customers and demonstrate Crabapple’s expertise. 

Other subjects include:

How to Prevent Pests Naturally

Best Organic Weed Control Methods

Herb Garden Lemon Grass

All About Rose of Sharon

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