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Audience Growth for a Web Retailer

Bonsai Outlet

Market Position: Bonsai Outlet, Inc. is a mail order company delivering bonsai trees across the U.S.

Assignment:  Positioning statement, public relations strategy, news releases, monthly e-newsletter, publicity for the company president, launch private label brand of bonsai tools.

Results:  Dozens of news releases on all aspects of the business, executive biography, and client placement in prestigious Horticulture Magazine as a bylined editorial how-to column with color photos and featured on the magazine cover. Company grew from 40,000 bonsai trees shipped to more than 100,000 shipped.

Some Bonsai trees can live to 300+ years of age. Bonsai Outlet sells pre-trained young trees, tools and materials for bonsai enthusiasts and professionals. Carefully presenting stories of very old trees, especially those with a lineage of famous owners serve as inspiration, and is an important part of the firm’s marketing.

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