Keynote Speaker: Sculpting Your Personal Eden
Alabama Master Gardeners Association annual statewide conference, Dothan Alabama, 2016

Art in Bloom
Speaker and Horticulture Subject Matter Expert, January 28, 2014, High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Gardens of Wonder; Curious Plantes of the Newe Founde Worlde
High Museum of Art, Shakespeare Exhibition; The World & The Globe.1992

National Internet Webinar on Herbs
Gardeners Success Summit 2011, Wintergreen Conference Repeated, 2102 Conference

New plant introductions from Garden Debut
Presention on behalf of client Garden Debut® Garden Writers Association 2011 Annual Symposium

Elizabethan Gardens & Herbs of Shakespeare
Atlanta Culinary Historians, 2010

Native Plants in the Home Landscape
SE Native Plants & Wildflower Symposium, Tifton, GA, 2009

Development of the Birchwood Garden
Colonial Williamsburg Garden Symposium, 1993,

Gardening with Children
The Herb Society of America National Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Growing and Using Herbs
Presented more than 200 times to garden clubs across the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Perennial Plant Symposium
Atlanta Botanical Garden.  Fragrance in the Garden, 2004, Plant Propagation, 1986

Southeastern Flower Show:  Herb Gardens, 2011, Tussie Mussies, 2008, Growing and Using Herbs, 2000, Fragrance in the Garden, 1998

Callaway Gardens Annual Plant Symposium, Soil Preparation for Southern Gardens, 1988 and Herb Garden Design approx 2001

Georgia Organic Growers Association, Edible Plants in the Landscape, 1989

Discovering the World of Herbs
Georgia Council of Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges, 18th annual convention, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 1983

Herb Garden Design
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, 2004

Committee Chair, Annual Quill and Trowel Awards
Garden Writers Association National Convention, 2014 (Co-Chair in 2013)

Behind the Scenes of New Plant Introductions
Garden Writer’s of America, Annual Symposium, Indianapolis, 2011

Social Media (2012), Facebook for Business (2011), Twitter for Business (2012)
Georgia Green Industry Association, Lawrenceville, GA

Top 20 Favorite Native Plants for Georgia Gardens
Fayette County Master Gardeners, March 16, 2010, repeated 2012

Get Ink, Getting the Publicity your Garden Deserves
Designed, scripted and moderated panel discussion at American Public Gardens Association, Annual Conference, June 2004

Easy Gardening: Native Plants in the Home Landscape
South Georgia Native Plant and Wildflower Symposium, Co-Sponsored by the Garden Clubs of Georgia and the University of Georgia, Tifton, 2009

Tussie Mussies: The Language and Sentiment of Flowers
Keynote Speaker, American Institute of Floral Designers Annual Symposium, Anaheim, 1996


Herb Garden: Lemongrass
Provides an overview of the herb including growing and harvesting instructions, and suggestions for use.

Herb Garden: Fennel
Provides an overview of the herb including growing and harvesting instructions, and suggestions for use.

What is an Ornamental Herb
General explanation of ornamental herbs, including visual examples and a brief explanation of three of the most popular ornamental herbs.

How to Grow an Herbal Tea Garden
Creating and harvesting a tea garden, with visual examples and a loving look at five of the most popular herbs used to make tea.

Tips for Organic Container Gardening
Five visual tips for organic container gardening, with tips on the best soils and pots to use, discussion of what plants thrive in containers

How to Prevent Pests Naturally

Best Flowering Shrubs for Summer

Best Flowering Shrubs for Fall


Tussie Mussies, Book Review with Joan Lunden
Interview, Good Morning America, 1994

The Language of Flowers
Radio Interview, Minnesota Public Radio, 1995

For more than four years, GardenGeri hosted a weekly show on WABE, Atlanta’s NPR affiliate station. The series “In the Garden with Geri” was a collaboration with radio personality John Lemley and producer/engineer Kate Sweeney to produce more than 50 informative and entertaining segments on topics of wide interest.
Topics and links are below:

City Cafe: Daffodils and Tulips.
Produced by Kate Sweeney

Garden Geek: Herbs 101

Plants Unlimited!
Produced by Kate Sweeney. First Aired, May 6, 2014, repeated 6 times

Tips for Thrifty Gardening.
Produced by Kate Sweeney and John Lemley. First Aired April 11, 2014 Repeated 6 times

Spring Planting: Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!
First aired, March 21, 2014

Flower Cutting and Arranging 101. 
First Aired October 1, 2013

Killing Weeds the Organic Way 
First aired AUG 19, 2013, repeated 6 times.

Planting Tomatoes in MidSummer
Produced By Kate Sweeney & Scott Casavant First aired July 24, 2013

Mosquito-Repelling Herbs 
Produced by Kate Sweeney. First aired July 2, 2013, repeated 6 times

On Shakespeare’s Birthday: Elizabethan Herbs
First aired April 23, 2013

Five Essential Tools for the Garden 
Produced by Kate Sweeney, First aired February 26, 2013

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in your Garden
Produced by kate Sweeney, First aired Jan 16, 2013

It’s Blueberry Planting Time! 
Produced by Kate Sweeney, First aired November 28, 2012

A Lesson in Composting
Produced by Myke Johns First Aired November 13, 2012

Talking Herbs in the Garden
First aired Jun 12, 2012 repeated 8 times

Fall Tomatoes
Produced by John Lemley & Kate Sweeney. First aired August 16, 2011

Planting a Container Garden
Produced by Kate Sweeney. First Aired April 17, 2011. Repeated 6 times

Early Spring Gardening. Produced by Kate Sweeney 
First aired March 10, 2011. Repeated 5 times

Getting Ready for Spring
Produced by Kate Sweeney. First Aired January 15, 2011. Repeated 5 times